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Interested in learning more about yoga philosophy and how to connect concepts and practice to everyday life? Join Danelle Cartun in a workshop scheduled in your area. 


A combination of *moving, discussion, and time for self-reflection will be offered.  In each workshop you will have the opportunity to:


  • learn how to utilize your breath to calm your nervous system;

  • gain more control when faced with stressful situations;

  • discover more ease in our body and minds; 

  • and practice gentle poses that help increase our flexibility in our physical body and in our mind.

Yoga and Your True Nature

As complex and multidimensional beings the Koshas, meaning sheath or layer, provide us with a framework for conceptualizing ourselves. We can become better and better at recognizing and describing each layer while also learning practical tools to attend to each layer; manage our thoughts and emotions; and decrease the negative effects of past events and everyday stress.

Removing Obstacles Through Yoga

The Kleshas are obstacles or afflictions which can distort our mind and our perceptions effecting how we think, act, and feel. We will learn practical tools and strategies to help ease our distress or discomfort while creating more ease and contentment in our lives. 

*Poses and movements will be accessible to all and can be adapted or modified to fit anyone’s unique needs.

Email me to schedule a workshop in your area.


Compassion    Balance    Well-being

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