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Consultation & Training

Compassion | Balance | Well-being

IMT Mentorship

I am happy to provide mentorship for students pursuing certification in Integrated Movement Therapy (IMT) and who are at

any of these levels in the process:

Post Level I Children

Post Level I Adults

Post Level I Teens

Post Level II

Post Advanced and Pre-Internship

Fee - $85 per 60 minute session

Email me to schedule an IMT mentorship session!

For more information about IMT training please visit

Molly Lannon Kenny's website. 

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Emotional First Responder (EFR) Training

Mountains and Sun

EFR is a training and consultation program designed to increase outdoor leaders’ confidence in responding to a student in emotional distress through a trauma informed approach which can make a significant difference in decision making, risk evaluation, and enjoyment of the chosen activity for the both the leader and student.

We recognize that individual resilience and a supportive social environment benefit not only individual members, but the community as a whole. Specific strategies to respond to emotional distress are learned skills and, like all skills, often take practice and time to develop. Providing additional training allows leaders to recognize and respond to their own emotional state and then to provide the necessary support for students to complete courses or activities safely.

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