Life is full of challenges, many of them ordinary, occasionally extraordinary, and when we are facing these, we often find we need an outside perspective, some practical tools or some time and space set aside for taking care of ourselves.

Integrated Movement Therapy (IMT ®) is a holistic therapy approach developed by Molly Lannon Kenny, for all people, from infancy to adulthood that uses yoga’s philosophical, physical and spiritual framework in conjunction with conventional neuro-physiological perspective to address the challenges of being human, from depression and anxiety to degenerative conditions and life-threatening illness.

The IMT approach is based on three overarching philosophies: that the student is already perfect and whole, that the student and teacher are both unlimited in their abilities to heal, and that no part of the body/mind/spirit complex, and no part of the brain, works alone.

Supporting these beliefs is an empirically sound, brain-based therapy in which the therapist combines skills from conventional clinical fields with yoga philosophy and practice to introduce and integrate IMT’s six core principles (structure and continuity, physical stimulation, language stimulation, social interaction, self-calming and direct self-esteem building) to help the student reach their highest potential.

Individualized sessions based on your unique strengths and needs are designed in partnership with you to address life’s challenges and further develop your hope and resiliency. Sessions include some talking, mindfulness activities and accessible movement.

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The yoga therapy components of my work are based on my certification in Integrated Movement Therapy (IMT ®), developed by Molly Lannon Kenny at The Samarya Center, not derived from my status as an RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance Registry.

Integrated Movement Therapy

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